Demo-Graphics: The State of “Gamers” 2017

It’s been a little over a year since I did a report about “gamers” and with Gen Con kicking off tomorrow, it felt appropriate to visit this data. So, welcome to the fourth annual State of Gamers.

This data is gained through mining Facebook and includes over 175 different terms from a variety of games, publishers, and more. The terms I used are varied, and many, from the name of games to the name of publishers and terms like collectible card game. For this I did my best to stay away from generic terms for genres (like Fantasy) and terms that specifically mentioned video games. I also avoided games like Monopoly or Scategories, I wanted to focus on the games you’d find at Gen Con.

We’ll compare this report to last year’s data set.

Facebook Population: Over 31,000,000 in the United States

That’s a dip of 2 million compared to last year and returns the population to 2015’s levels.

Spanish speakers account for now 4.3 million fans. That’s 13.87% a vast decrease from last year’s 22.12% in the United States.

Gender and Age

In 2016 Men accounted for 54.55% compared to women at 45.45%. That percentage shifted a bit from last year with men now accounting for 51.61% and women accounting for 48.39%

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age. It’s similar but shifted with smaller gaps as age increases and those 17 and under closer.

Relationship Status

“Single” took a big drop from last year while “married” saw a big increase.


The education stats haven’t shifted much since last year though dipped a little.

Gender Interest

Both men interested in men and women interested in women saw a slight dip from the previous year.


Across the board saw dips in every ethnic group compared to last year.


Baby Boomers saw a big increase and saw did Generation X. Millennials dipped compared to last year.

And that wraps up our look at who the gamers are in the United States! Happy gaming!

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