Demo-Graphics: The State of "Gamers" 2014

It’s Monday and we’re looking at the latest Facebook Fandom breakdown. It’s been a year since I did a report about “gamers” in the lead up to Gen Con. So, welcome to the “first” annual State of Gamers.

This data is gained through mining Facebook and includes over 160 different terms from a variety of games, publishers, and more. The terms I used are varied, and many, from the name of games to the name of publishers and terms like collectible card game. For this I did my best to stay away from generic terms for genres (like Fantasy) and terms that specifically mentioned video games. I also avoided games like Monopoly or Scategories, I wanted to focus on the games you’d find at Gen Con.

We’ll compare this report to last year’s, but much has changed since then. The terms used have changed as well as improvements to Facebook’s algorithm and system. So, changes may be due to that, and not due to general gains in the industry.

Facebook Population: Over 24,000,000 in the United States

The fandom for board games it would seem is about the same as the general comic fan population, whose size we got the same way. Since last year the population has increased by about 14 million, though that’s mostly the changes in Facebook algorithm.

Spanish speakers account for now 2.6 million fans, 10.83% in the United States.

Gender and Age

In 2013 Men dominated as the majority with 61.54%. Things have changed since then as men now account for 55% of the population and women make up 44.17%.

games gender 8.11.14

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

games age gender 8.11.14Compared to last year, the percentages of the population has shifted much older, especially women. Here’s the above data in its raw form.

games age gender raw 8.11.14

Relationship Status

This statistic has changed a lot since last year with many more options available to choose from. The percentages have shifted to the new categories, but it’s not easy to compare the two. What has stood out to me in the new stats is the amount of women divorced or separated, but there’s an even greater number married compared to the men.

games relationship 8.11.14

And for those that like pie charts.

games relationship pie chart 8.11.14


Like relationships, the education choices have expanded, so it’s difficult to compare it to last year.

games education 8.11.14

Gender Interest

This category too has expanded with more choices than ever before. But, compared to last year, it looks like there’s been a slight decrease in those interested in the same sex.

games gender interest 8.11.14


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