Dossigner Publishing Has Revealed the World of Liberty Comes to Roleplaying Games

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Dossigner Publishing has announced that they will be releasing a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition role playing game using their open gaming license that is set in their well established world of Liberty. First a podcast, the world of Liberty grew to include the Liberty Deception comic series, and will now become an RPG as Liberty: A.F.T.E.R. which will be released with a complimentary podcast Liberty: Vigilance. Both projects can be experienced at their site as well as Drivethru RPG, Spotify, and ApplePodcasts.

Liberty: A.F.T.E.R. drops players on a distant planet where two worlds are at odds with one another. On one side of the wall the advanced military state of the Archon controls the lives of its Citizens, and on the other side post-apocalyptic gangs battle for the scant few resources the failing colony has left to offer. Much of the Liberty universe is based around the one city that is habitable, this is the first extensive story that aims to shake the established norms of the world.

Full color art on almost every page (147 Pages)
Over 30 New Classes
Over 30 New Weapons
Dozens of New Special Abilities and Deities
Unique Poisons and Critical Misfire Charts
A detailed world that’s yours to customize. Submit your stories and they can become part of the world’s canon!

Artists include Dave Dorman (Star Wars), Daniel Govar (Guardians of the Galaxy), Karl Moline (Fray), Raymund Bermudez (X-Men), Joana Lafuente (GI Joe), Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn), Eirich Olson (White Wolf), and Alex Pascenko (World of Warcraft)

The voice cast includes:
Wayne June (Darkest Dungeon) – Game Master & Narrator.
Peter Lewis (NoSleep) – Sylvanus Claerhaut – The lead investigator who is haunted by his past.
Ashly Burch (Zero Dawn Horizon) – Thracius Wyatt – A disgraced soldier seeking redemption.
Dave Fennoy (Walking Dead) – Sgt. Muler – The Chief Official over the investigation.
Eric Nelsen (All My Children) – Gree – A religious zealot who seeks the destruction of Atrius.
George Lowe (Space Ghost) – Sgt. Colliver – The last individual to see one of the missing persons.
Tanja Milojevic (Organism) – Officer Boondt – A secret agent who seeks to slow the investigation.
Sainty Nelsen (The Bay) – Agent Creed – A missing agent who is believed to have defected.

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