Draco Studios releases Dragonbond: Endless Sagas

Dragonbond: Endless Sagas

Draco Studios have announce the release of Dragonbond: Endless Sagas. The release is a fully self-contained set of rules, sourcebooks and adventures. The release is set to come to Kickstarter in October. Endless Sagas is powered by the 5th edition Open Gaming License, making it easy to learn for veteran players, while incorporating a host of additions and innovations to keep the action fresh and unique.

Dragons are a huge part of the setting. Acting both as protagonists and antagonists of various plots and adventures, and influencing epic events in which players might find themselves shaping the very future of the world. In addition, the unique Dragonbond mechanic means that player-characters have the chance to form symbiotic relationships with dragon companions, growing and advancing together without unbalancing the party composition.

Dragonbond is already an established setting for Draco Studios with a rich background of limitless scope. The publisher has already run numerous successful Kickstarter campaigns have started to bring this universe to life, with 3D printable miniatures, an RPG adventure and a boardgame already created. The wargame, comics, and novels are under development and a TV series is in the pipeline. This year the TTRPG will take the setting to new levels, and players can benefit from the cross media experience created by Draco Studios in order to enrich the gaming experience.

To ensure the quality of Dragonbond: Endless Sagas, Draco Studios have recruited a host of award-winning industry veterans to contribute to the project, including Sarah Madsen, Brian Suskind, Mark A. Latham, Daniel Erli, and Bernardo Alvarez. It’s illustrated by Tom Babbey, and features concept art from veteran artists including Steve Prescott, Daarken, Tyler Warpole, Jason Engle, and many more. It’s a true labor of love.

Draco Studios are also inviting the gaming community to be involved in the creation of the RPG by participating in the Open Beta running throughout the year. Players can sign up to join and receive a host of rewards for playtesting and providing feedback on monthly quests. You can sign up here.


  • The RPG core books include three beautifully illustrated hardcover books (approx. 300 pages each), detailing everything players need to know to immerse themselves in the Dragonbond universe.
  • The Rulebook contains rules for character creation, races, classes, alignment, backgrounds, Vaala magic, feats, spells, equipment, and dragonbonding. The rules are 5e-compatible, with new twists and additions to better reflect the world of Valerna.
  • The Gazetteer is the ultimate sourcebook for the Dragonbond universe, describing in lavish detail the realms of Valerna, the Hollowdepths (Valerna’s underworld), the red moon of Drakha, the Null, and the history of the Dragonbonded themselves.
  • The Dragonbond Bestiary is the complete guide to the races, creatures and monsters of the Dragonbond universe, with background information, special rules, and 5e-compatible stat blocks for everything from deadly Skorpikons to majestic Dragons!
  • Additionally, as a stretch goal for the campaign Draco Studios will offer the epic six-book campaign, Tyrant of the Cursed Coast! Each book will be approx. 100 pages, and together will take a party of heroes from levels 1-20, exploring the world of Dragonbond and meeting some of the iconic characters of the Dragonbond setting. In this grand adventure, adventurers have the chance to become Dragonbonded, and shape the fate of entire kingdoms.

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