Dungeon Masters Guild content can officially be created for the Roll20 virtual tabletop


Roll20 has announced that Dungeon Masters Guild content can officially be created for the Roll20 virtual tabletop beginning in January of 2023.

Starting in February, creators will be able to sell Roll20 content they’ve created via the DMsGuild site. Modules, Art Packs, Token Marker Sets, content Packages, and Addons sold this way will unlock for users automatically on the Roll20 VTT when purchased on DMsGuild, allowing immediate online play without the additional set-up work. 

This development fulfills a promise from June of this year: Now thousands of talented DMsGuild creators will be able to make and sell their D&D content not only in digital PDF and print formats, but also built specifically for the world’s most popular VTT. The door has been opened for casual hobbyists and part-time enthusiasts to transition fully to career game creators.

Want to learn more? Check out the “getting started” information page.

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