Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play

DnD_TOD_AW1Wizkids‘ newest game, Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing will see its monthly Storyline Organized Play program begin October 29. The game itself launches on October 1. The minatures game uses similar mechanics to the Star Trek: Attack Wing game, but set in the fantasy world and features dragons among other units.

The theme of the first organized play is Tyranny of Dragons which is the first major event for Wizard of the Coast‘s Dungeons & Dragons.

Retailers will be order monthly kits that contain limited edition competitive and participation prizes as well as rules to use in the monthly events. Each kit supports up to 10 players. The first kit features a Large White Dragon, 10 limited edition participation prizes, and an organized play addendum/instruction sheet. Subsequent months include limited edition versions of the Large Brass Dragon, Large Bronze Dragon, Large Hieracosphinx, Large Solar Angel, and Large Chimera.

Stores will also have the option of purchasing limited edition blind D&D: Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons boosters, which will contain exclusive content for sealed booster play and are not for resale, beginning in month two.

Stores who participate will also have the option to purchase the limited edition Attack Wing: Tiamat figure, which comes with cards, movement dials, a Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing base and token sheets. For each Month Six OP kit a store orders, the store can order up to two of the figure, which is not tied directly to the OP Program, and can be sold to the public, or used as grand prize figures for the tournament. The figures will release just before the Month Six kit arrives.

There have been two waves of expansions for the game already announced. You can expect to start to see that in November.

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