Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing, Wave Seven Through Ten

We previously covered what we might expect to see in waves two through six of WizkidsDungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing. The company has pulled back the curtain to give us a peak as to what we can expect for waves seven through ten. We’ll go over each wave and what we might expect for each unit.

These four releases seem to do two things, introduce more single based ground figures with Warriors being released in three of the four sets, and also releasing some of the dragon types from the starter set as individual figures.

Wave 7

Wave seven consists of three releases, a Pegasus, Warrior, and Blue Dragon and should see release in May 2015. Below are the Pegasus, and Blue Dragon, and there’s no picture yet of the Warrior, and it’s unclear what this matches up with in Wizkids’ D&D Icons of the Realms line of of figures.

dnd_attack_wing_blue_dragon dnd_attack_wing_pegasus

The Pegasus is an interesting choice as a unit. The big thing in its Monster Manual entry is that they’re quick. It also has a bit of an affinity as far as Elves. So there’s a chance this unit will work nicely with the current Elve units available for the game.

The Warrior is most likely a single figure based on its price point. But, other than that, who knows. It could be any of the figures from the Icons of the Realms set Wizkids have already released.

The Blue Dragon is one of the three dragons that comes with the main box set. I expected those figures to be sold loose, and this is the first that gets that treatment. No idea if this figure will veer from what we get in the set, but we’ll likely get new equipment to go with it.

Wave 8

Consisting of a Brass Dragon, Warrior, and Mind Flayer, wave eight should see release in June 2015.

dnd_attack_wing_brass_dragon dnd_attack_wing_mind_flayer

The Brass Dragons prize magic treasures, so expect cards along that line. They also have a bite, fire breath, and sleep breath for attacks. The Monster Manual lists interesting things like Lair Actions and Regional Effects, but I don’t we’d see those in the Attack Wing game, as cool as that might be.

The Warrior is also listed for this set…. and we know little. See the previous sets list for my general thoughts, which is…. we don’t know much other than figures already released for other things.

Mind Flayers are iconic beings from Dungeons & Dragons. They’re mostly known for their psionic powers, so expect that addition to the game. That’ll be similar to magic in the game, but hopefully we get some flavor like their tentacles, extract brain, and mind blast. Expect a high point unit like Wraiths, but they’ll be a beast on the field.

Wave 9

Wave nine features a Griffon, Warrior, and Black Dragon (not to be confused with wave two’s Black Shadow Dragon).

dnd_attack_wing_black_dragon dnd_attack_wing_griffon

The Griffon is slower than the Pegasus which is released a few sets earlier. They tend to hunt in prides, so maybe we’ll see something of them being better if you use more than one. They also can be used as mounts…. maybe we’ll get rules for that? Generally Griffons are a slower Pegasus, but the two are similar otherwise as far as hit points, damage, etc.

The Warrior…. third time’s a charm? Yeah, still got nothing here.

The Black Dragon has a similar sculpt to the Black Shadow Dragon, but the paint job is slightly different. The difference between the two? Not even the Monster Manual helped me with this one. Black Dragons are the most “evil-tempered” and “vile” of the chromatic dragons. Expect some solid treasures and magic items to come with this release.

Wave 10

Projected to be released in August 2015, wave ten has three releases, a Goblin Fighter Troop, Ogre Mage, and Green Dragon.

dnd_attack_wing_goblin_troop dnd_attack_wing_green_dragon dnd_attack_wing_ogre_mage

The Goblin Fighters should be cheap in points and a good troop to tie up the enemy. I know I’ll grab a set to use with my Hobgoblins, or instead of them. I don’t expect much other than cheap fodder to tie up the enemy with.

A Green Dragon was released as part of the first wave. This figure has a retail price of $5 cheaper, and a different sculpt. Maybe a younger, weaker version?

The Ogre Mage is also in this set. Ogres can be mages? Expect a tough beast with some magic abilities. It’s something that’s needed for the “evil” side, as the Elves dominate magic right now. I’d expect stats similar to the current troll, but with some abilities of the Elve Mage that exists, but not as good. They’ll be tough though.

What of the above will you use and what do you look forward to?

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