Dungeons & Dragons OGL 1.0a is remaining in place, untouched

Dungeons & Dragons Players Manual

The feedback was clear, players want their OGL1.0a. Wizards of the Coast has a new update about the future of Dungeons & Dragons concerning their Open Game License (OGL).

To catch people up, a draft version of an updated OGL was leaked causing an uproar in the Dungeons & Dragons community over changes that included fees and restrictions. Recently, the D&D team has walked it all back promising a “working conversation” that included feedback before anything new was released. Well, the responses are clear with over 15,000 overwhelmingly against changes.

The big takeaway is that 88% do not want to publish TTRPG content under the proposed OGL 1.2. 89% of those who answered would be dissatisfied if OGL 1.0a was deauthorized. When it comes to Creative Commons and Systems Reference Document (SRD), 69% were satisfied and those who aren’t want more SRD in Creative Commons.

The results are pretty clear and the Dungeons & Dragons team seems to be listening. In a blog post, the team stated:

  1. They are leaving OGL 1.0a in place, as is. Untouched.
  2. They are also making the entire SRD 5.1 available under a Creative Commons license.
  3. Players can choose which they prefer to use.

Also included in the post is the SRD 5.1 with the Creative Commons license.

What’s next? We’ll have to see. But, the D&D community spoke up and the corporation has listened.

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