Dungeons & Dragons, Volo's Guide to Monsters is Out Now

Wizards of the Coast has announced the release of the newest supplement to Dungeons & Dragons, Volo’s Guide to Monsters. In Volo’s Guide to Monsters, adventurers explore the breadth of D&D’s monsters in an immersive 224-page volume filled with beautiful illustrations and in-depth lore designed for the fifth edition. Volo’s Guide to Monsters provides something exciting for both players and Dungeon Masters and is now available online and at hobby stores and mass-market retailers across the country. Also, Volo’s Guide to Monsters will be released in a limited edition format exclusively available at core hobby stores that features an alternative-art cover beautifully illustrated by Hydro74.

The esteemed loremaster Volothamp Geddarm is back and he’s written a fantastical dissertation, covering some of the most iconic monsters in the Forgotten Realms. Unfortunately, the Sage of Shadowdale himself, Elminster, doesn’t believe Volo gets all the important details quite right. Don’t miss out as Volo and Elminster square off (academically speaking, of course) to illuminate the uninitiated on creatures both common and obscure. Uncover the machinations of the mysterious Kraken Society, what is the origin of the bizarre froghemoth, or how to avoid participating in the ghastly reproductive cycle of the grotesque vargouille.

Dungeon Masters and players will get some much-needed guidance planning their next ventures, traipsing about some dusty old ruin in search of treasure, lore, and let’s not forget … dangerous creatures whose horns, claws, fangs, heads, or even hides might comfortably adorn the walls of your trophy room. If you survive.

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