Emma Frost, Jean Grey, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants up next for Knight Model's Marvel Universe Miniature Game

Knight Models has begun rolling out their previews of the next releases for their Marvel Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game. While the game company has teased one release so far, we don’t officially know what else we should expect for the two games.

Except we’ve got the scoop of releases, though not images of the miniatures.

One of the consistent complaints about the Marvel Universe Miniature Game is the lack of villains to play. That looks to be changing as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants will be joining the game. We don’t know who will be making up the team… yet. Also joining the Brotherhood in release is some times villain, some times hero Emma Frost (expect her to be playable with both good and evil factions), and Jean Grey. That’s a whole lot of X-Men!

We’ll be on the lookout when official images of the models are released.

mumg_brotherhood_of_evil_mutants mumg_emma_frost mumg_jean_grey

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