Enter the Magical World of Disney with Munchkin: Disney

Munchkin: Disney

Get ready for treasure hunting, strategizing, and collaborating in this exciting edition of Munchkin: Disney which includes the loveable Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters from movies old and new.

Choose from roles such as Heroine, Villain, Sidekick, Adventurer, Dreamer, and Animal Friend. Each is an archetype that brings Disney magic to the classic game. The character cards track your level in the game and determine your special abilities.

You can then equip yourself with items like Robin Hood’s Bow, or Wasabi’s Gloves. There’s also allies like Baymax or Judy Hopps to help you on your quest. Curses like Forever Asleep are looming threats, but you can also use them to attack. Defeat monsters like Iago, the Queen of Hearts, and Jafar to gain levels and be the first at Level 10 for the win!

You can also unleash Disney Magic, a beneficial rule or bonus that gives whoever controls the card some help.

Munchkin: Disney adds 168 cards to your collection. The game is for 3-6 players ages 10 and up.

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