Experience Conquest with “First Blood” Taster Sets

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” and the Skirmish system “Conquest: First Blood”, has launched brand new starter sets, designed to give a “taste” of the different factions and their skirmish game. Named “Faction Taster Starter Sets”, these boxes bring everything a player needs to start their Skirmish battles!

The Faction Taster Starter sets are designed as a starting force for the Skirmish “First Blood”, offering a character and a small, flexible force of eight infantry units. That way, they also provide a good taste of a “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” army, the fast-paced Mass Battles game, becoming an entry product to not one but two games. The rules of both games are available online for free but a softcover printed First Blood rulebook is waiting in every Taster box! The Faction Starter Taster Sets contain everything you need to start playing First Blood including:

  • A softback First Blood Rulebook
  • 1 Character
  • 4+4 infantry models
  • Their Command Cards
  • 9 Infantry Bases

…and, of course, stands to also bring that small boost in your Mass Battle regiments! All at an MSRP of $€49!

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