Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Dungeons & Dragons 8/26/2013

A few weeks back I took a look at who the Gamers were in the lead up to Gen Con. I decided to look at a subset of that for this Facebook Fandom Spotlight, fans of Dungeons & Dragons.

The list was long but included game terms, settings, modules, famous characters, monsters, classes and more. Overall the list was long and exhausted everything I could find on Facebook. For this report, we’ll compare it matched up to the previous larger set of gamers.

Facebook Population: Over 2,400,000 in the United States

The fandom for Dungeons & Dragons is about a third of the gamer population, not too shocking and about what I’d expect. Spanish speakers account for now 112,000 fans, 4.67% in the United States that’s a bit lower than the gamer fandom.

Gender and Age

Gamers skewed a bit more towards men compared to comic fans (61.54%), but fans of Dungeons & Dragons put both of them to shame. Male fans of D&D accounted for 78.33% of the population.

D&D Fans

d&d gender 8.26.13

For many of the breakdowns we’ve seen women become the majority of fans as age increases, a quirk of Facebook’s demographics. This isn’t the case of D&D fans, showing the gender gap even more in comparison.

D&D Fans

d&d gender age 8.26.13

Below is the raw data of above.

D&D Fans

d&d age gender raw 8.26.13

Relationship Status

Compared to gamers, fans of D&D are very similar. There’s a bit more that are single and a bit more that are “in relationships” both taken from the “married” designation.

D&D Fans

d&d relationship 8.26.13

And for those that like pie charts.

D&D Fans

d&d relationship pie chart 8.26.13


D&D fans percentage wise are more “college grads” than the average gamer, with slightly less “in college” and “in high school.” With the age breakdown shifting a little older, this isn’t surprising.

D&D Fans

d&d education 8.26.13

Gender Interest

And in a twist from the greater gamer population, there’s more men interested in men and vastly more men interested in women. Both are likely due to the imbalanced breakdown in gender.

D&D Fans

d&d gender interest 8.26.13

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