FCBD 2016: Dice Masters Free Comic Book Day 2016 Batman: Terror of Crime Alley

Free Comic Book Day is a yearly event taking place the first Saturday of May and a fantastic celebration of comics (and general geekdom). Each year millions of free comics are given away and often other companies get in on the fun with comic related giveaways/promotions. Wizkids have been taking part for years now, and this year is participating with a promotion for their popular Dice Masters game which features comic characters and properties from DC Comics and Marvel (as well as Yu-Gi-Oh and Dungeons & Dragons).

This year’s promotion features a Batman card which is attached to some starters (and stores will determine how they want to sell/give away those starters). The card, Batman: Terror of Crime Alley, features an image from the classic Batman TV Series (of which Heroclix, also by Wizkids, will be getting a convention promo also based on the tv series). There is also a blank variant, which is perfect to have your favorite comic artist sketch their take on the classic character.

The card is a variant for the Batman: Terror of Crime Alley card featured in the DC Dice Masters: World’s Finest set which came out in mid March.

You’ll possibly be able to get your copy May 7, 2016.

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