Fight Collectible Stupidity With New Ironguard Card and Comic Supplies

Ironguard Supplies

Did you know that there was a time when kids would put baseball cards in the spokes of their bike, to make it sound like a motorcycle? That makes us want to travel back in time and kick those kids in the teeth. How many Carl Ystrzemski rookie cards were lost to this stupidity?

Sure, cards and comics may once have been seen as disposable fun, but today the right card or comic is tomorrow’s retirement fund. You need to keep that $#!& on lockdown or its value plummets. You don’t keep an Ancestral Recall card in your back pocket, dude.

And what about emotional value? Do you think that Spider-Man comic makes you cry now? It’ll make you cry more when someone puts a coffee mug down on it. You’ve got to keep these items safe, not only for your future but for future generations as well. Otherwise, you may find yourself dumped in a nursing home.

Ironguard knows protection, and they’re not talking about the kind of protection you need when you meet a tarmogoyf in the flesh. Trading cards, card games, and comic books are easy to damage, but they’re even easier to protect if you have the right supplies. Ironguard’s line of card and comic covers are affordable, easy to use, and durable enough to keep your prized possessions free from creases, stains, worn corners, and other dumb things that can happen on a daily basis.

Beginning in Summer 2022, Ironguard products will be available at, as well as at your local comic or card shop. Products available at launch include semi-rigid card sleeves, top loader card holders in various sizes, one-touch magnetic card holders, comic bags in various sizes, and resealable comic bags in various sizes.

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