Fireside Games’ Castle Panic Deluxe Collection Gets a New Kickstarter Date

Castle Panic Deluxe Collection

After an initial canceled Kickstarter launch of a deluxe version of Castle Panic, Fireside Games is back with an update.

The game publisher will launch Castle Panic Deluxe Collection in March 2021.

Unlike the previous project, this project will include a deluxe version of the main game and all of the expansions. The demand for that is why the previous Kickstarter was canceled. The Kickstarter pledge for the basic deluxe game for the previous campaign was $90 so expect this new “deluxe collection” version will be above that to start.

The project’s art is complete, which means all the new art is finished for Castle Panic, The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, and Engines of War. This version’s minis are well underway, and images will be shared soon.

We’ll have more updates as they come!

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