Floronic Man, Soldiers of Fortune, Harvey and Gilda Dent, and Aaron Cash come to Knight Models’ Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has revealed four new releases for the Batman Miniature Game. There are a few interesting and unexpected releases in this batch keeping the game filled with well-known and rather obscure characters.

Coming soon to the tabletop are…

The Aaron Cash & Quick Response Team features four miniatures ready to deliver justice. They bring a bit of a personal touch ready to use their skills to mete out justice.

Aaron Cash & Quick Response Team

The Soldiers of Fortune Suppression Squad features five miniatures ready to help Bane. The mercenaries are versatile with techniques that complement each other.

Soldiers of Fortune Suppression Squad

Harvey & Gilda Dent is an unexpected release. Harvey is the brilliant attorney who will later become Two-Face. Gilda is a famous sculptor from Gotham. It’s a very different addition to the game and dives into Gotham’s rich history.

Harvey & Gilda Dent

Floronic Man is half plant and half human and obsessed with protecting the plant world. He can be a powerful ally and a terrible enemy. The release features three miniatures to add to your crew.

Floronic Man

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