Forge World Open Day Reveals New Blood Bowl, 40K, AoS, and More

This weekend’s Forge World Open Day had lots of reveals for fans of Games Workshop‘s various games. New models were revealed but the biggest news is the return of Necromunda from the miniature game publisher.

Blood Bowl fans should be excited as multiple new figures were shown as well as more items to make your team and experience unique. A new Troll, two Elven Union figures, new dugouts and tokens for the Chaos Renegade team were all shown off.

This is on top of the new Minotaur revealed earlier this week.

Age of Sigmar players can look forward to the gigantic Khornate Dragon by Trish Carden.

There were loads of new tank doors shown off that work for both Horus Heresy and 40K.

Finally, fans of Middle-earth also had some reveals. On display was the Gundabad Orc upgrade set. The kit provides new weapons, helmets, and even a banner!

(via Forge World)

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