Forgeworld Releases Blood Bowl Pitches, Tokens, & Bard the Bowman’s Family

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Forgeworld has revealed this week’s new releases and fans of Games Workshop‘s Blood Bowl will be happy.

First and foremost, available for pre-order are two new Blood Bowl pitches. The Reikand Reavers Oldbowl Stadium Neoprene Blood Bowl Pitch (£40) and Gouged Eye Orc Blood Bowl Neoprene pitch (£40) are available now. Also players of the Underworld Denizens also get a coin and token set (£8) to use with their team.

In addition, The Hobbit Strategy Game also gets a release with Bard the Bowman’s Family (£15). You can recreate the battle for Laketown with this thematic set. Young Bain, Son of Bard is a capable warrior. Sigrid and Tilda drive their father to heroism and courage to keep them safe from harm.

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