Free League Publishing teases its 2023 releases

Free League Publishing has lifted the veil as to what we can expect in 2023 with new games and expansions! This isn’t everything, there’s more to come but already there’s a lot to be excited for!

Announced Games From Free League Publishing 2023


Release: Q3 2023
A legend is reborn. Dragonbane is the new and reimagined edition of Sweden’s first and biggest tabletop roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner. A new take on the classic fantasy RPG full of magic, mystery, and adventure. The new edition is designed from the ground up to facilitate fast-paced fantasy adventures, with very little prep time and adventures that are a breeze to run.


The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying

One Ring to Rule Them All
Release: Q1 2023
Return to Middle-earth with The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, a brand new adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien using the rules for 5E. Based on the second edition of The One Ring™ roleplaying game by Francesco Nepitello, the beautifully illustrated full-color hardback volume The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying contains everything you need to create exciting adventures set in the world’s most popular fantasy setting – six original heroic cultures from the land of Eriador, six new classes, a host of terrifying adversaries, and comprehensive rules for journeys, councils, wondrous artefacts, and the subtle magic of Middle-earth.

The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying

The Walking Dead Universe RPG

Fight the dead. Fear the living.
Kickstarter Coming Soon
The official tabletop roleplaying game for AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe is coming 2023 from Free League Publishing. The Walking Dead has always been about characters facing impossible life and death choices. In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, you can face these choices head on, putting yourself in the world of The Walking Dead – at any time in the timeline, encountering familiar faces and places and brand-new ones and, making the biggest choice: Who are you going to be? We have seen many stories in The Walking Dead Universe, now it’s time to see yours.

Enter the unforgiving, post-apocalyptic sandbox and learn how to survive and thrive in this new world order. No matter what, expect the stress and stakes to be high. Boasting a new spin on Free League Publishing’s award-winning Year Zero engine, players must not only hone their physical skills, but deeply explore what makes them tick – confronting how the hardships of this world naturally impact what they’re capable of, in the best and worst of times.

The Walking Dead Universe RPG

Zone Wars – A Mutant: Year Zero Skirmish Game

Release: Q4 2023
Lead a band of mutant Stalkers into the Zone and fight others to scavenge artifacts from the Ancients. Stake out your claim in the post-apocalyptic wasteland – or die trying. Zone Wars, a fast and furious game of tabletop miniature skirmishes set in the acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero universe. Designed to be played by up to four players, Zone Wars is all about embracing mayhem and emergent narrative to create a fun and fast-flowing experience.

Zone Wars - A Mutant: Year Zero Skirmish Game


Release: Q1 2023
A scurvy ridden, rules light, art heavy RPG based on MÖRK BORG. A game about being a greedy, filthy scoundrel. No prey, no pay. Find a ship. Recruit some crew. Raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer your weasley black guts out. Get a bigger ship. Kill some things. Upgrade your ship. Sneak into a fort. Raid a port. Acquire treasure. Bury said treasure. Become infamous. Search for someone else’s treasure. Flee in terror from unfathomable creatures from the deep. Drink all of the rum. Die on the high seas. Roll a new character and do it all again… For dead men tell no tales, so better get a live one as fast as you can.

PIRATE BORG is written and illustrated by Luke Stratton aka Limithron, who is known for his pirate-themed battle maps.


Announced Expansions 2023

Forbidden Lands – Book of Beasts

Release: Q2 2023
Forbidden Lands: The Book of Beasts is a bestiary you can play. It presents a host of new monsters in great detail. Each beast comes ready to play with tailored random encounters, presenting the Gamemaster with a handy set of mini-adventures to go. The book also includes legends about each monster, introduces the option to harvest resources from slain beasts, and lets the player characters use their Lore skills to gain insight into a monster´s strengths and weaknesses. This will help them defeat – or at least survive an encounter with – the book´s monstrosities.

Forbidden Lands – Book of Beasts

Forbidden Lands – The Bloodmarch

Release: Q2 2023
With The Bloodmarch, the fantasy RPG Forbidden Lands becomes a lot stranger. The Bloodmarch is the name given to the volcanic region west of Ravenland, now accessible as the Shadowgate Pass is again opened. This ancient place of battle-ready horse riders and secretive dwarves is rapidly changing due to the demonic vegetation spreading across the land. Most see this red curse as a threat to all that is good, while others view it as a good thing – or at least a necessary evil needed to reach other goals. 

Forbidden Lands – The Bloodmarch

Coriolis – Wake of the Icons

Release: 2023
In dreams and visions, something calls out into the dark space of the Third Horizon – a new presence or something old? It may hold the answers for the future – about a prophecy, the Chosen and the coming Horizon Wars. Wake of the Icons is the third and final part of Mercy of the Icons, the epic and richly illustrated campaign for Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

Coriolis – Wake of the Icons

Ruins of Symbaroum – Adventure Compendium

The Ruins of Symbaroum – Adventure Compendium will invite you to everything from murder mysteries, to forest expeditions and witch hunts; set in cities, villages, and expanses of wilderness; treating you to encounters with dark¬minded cultists, roaring monstrosities, and raging abominations. The adventures of this tome explore the wide variety of stories that are waiting to be told in the world of Symbaroum.

Ruins of Symbaroum - Adventure Compendium

Ruins of Symbaroum – Call of the Dark

In the expansion Ruins of Symbaroum – Call of the Dark, you will find two adventures that in different ways relate to the growing internal divisions within the Ambrian realm.

The adventure Call of the Dark plays out in the northern territories of the Lost Land of Alberetor, where the player characters will accompany a lowborn noble who is looking to prove the status of her family.
The adventure Retribution initially deals with the search for a person who has gone missing in the city of Kurun, but is soon shown to involve events which may have serious consequences for the relationship between the peoples of the Davokar region.

Ruins of Symbaroum - Call of the Dark

Twilight: 2000 – Urban Operations

Release: Q2 2023
Twilight: 2000 – Urban Operations is a modular expansion focused on  urban environments. The expansion is loosely based on the classic module Free City of Krakow from the first edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG, but designed to be used in any city environment. The boxed set includes new combat and travel rules for urban environments, new factions for the PCs to tangle with, new scenario sites to explore, and introduces the new plot concept to create longer story arcs.

Twilight: 2000 - Urban Operations

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