From Bikes to Board Game, Renegade Game Studios Reveals the Kids on Bikes Board Game

Kids on Bikes: The Snallygaster Situation

Renegade Game Studios has revealed the popular roleplaying game Kids on Bikes is getting a board game with “The Snallygaster Situation“.

The Snallygaster is one of the monsters that are terrorizing your hometown in this 2-5 player cooperative board game set in the Kids on Bikes world.

One player will take on the role of the Lost Kid, giving clues to your friends to help them find you, while keeping the monster terrorizing the town at bay! The other players are kids trying to defeat the monster and save their friend! Watch out for the Feds! The Federal Agents can put a real damper on
your epic adventure!

Every turn, the Lost Kid will select a card to play. The card will provide clues about their location such as street names, buildings, or landmarks. But the card will also dictate how the Monsters and the Feds move and attack. You might have the perfect clue to give, but it means that the Monster will attack one of the kids. sending them back to the Treehouse and advancing the Doom Tracker (game timer). The other players will take turns using their Rides to search the town, looking for clues, using their special items cards, and avoiding the monster.

At the start of the game, Kids can select a Ride that gives them a special power. Choose from Skateboard, Dirt Bike, Inline Skates, Mountain Bikes, and items like that. You’ll play against four different monsters, the Jersey Devil, a Dover Demon, Bloody Mary, and the Snallygaster. Each monster features a different difficulty and unique gameplay.

Hop on your bikes and embark upon a dangerous yet epic adventure to find your missing friend and maybe even save the world!

Meant for ages 8+, the game is designed by Jon Gilmour and Michael Addison, developed by T.C. Petty III, and art by Heather Vaughan and Scott O’Gara.

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