Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot Return to Blood Bowl!

Two classic Blood Bowl star players are returning to the pitch as Games Workshop has revealed Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot! The characters bring their weapons of destruction (or is that distraction) to your Badlands Brawl or Underworlds Challenge team. Both are coming soon from Forge World.

Fungus the Loon is the ultimate Goblin Fanatic. With a love of mushrooms, the star player loves swinging his Ball & Chain but benefits from Whirling Dervish which allows Fungus to re-roll the D6 to determine which direction he moves once per activation.

Fungus the Loon

Bomber Dribblesnot loves destruction… and bombs. Throw bombs at your opponent and watch them explode! Once per game, if an opposition player catches a Bomb thrown by Bomber, you can have it explode immediately! No getting rid of that one.

Bomber Dribblesnot

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