Game Review: DC Comics Deck Building Starfire Promo

starfireThe idea of the promo card has been with the DC Comics Deck Building Game since its onset.  As opposed to Legendary (Marvel’s Deck Building Game) where the characters are played based on entire decks, the main characters in the DC Comics Deck Building are solitary character cards who help determine how the game is played and thus a single character can be introduced to DC with only one card as opposed to the 14 that would be required for Marvel.  As the card is a promo though it is not as easy to acquire.  Although it can be order over the internet, it will go almost as much on a site like eBay as it will for the entire game on Amazon, and therefore it calls into question as to whether this is a good investment or not.

It should be said that the card is one that somewhat skips over the in-game mechanics and for the first time in the series is the main character card that is more dependent on related cards in the deck.  As opposed to character such as Wonder Woman who benefit from a deck which is primarily villains, Starfire does not have as much of an advantage with a particular card type, with the character text giving the following ability “Once during Each of Your Turns, if there are no Super Powers in the line-up then draw a card.”  While this can be a powerful ability, it also forces the character to purchase a lot of super powers in order to keep them off the board.  In an indirect way this is also good for the character, as it is beneficial when the Starfire cards from the Heroes Unite expansion are played together, one of which is a superpower.  Used together in the same turn they can be a powerful combination, and while the main character is not necessary to make use of them, thematically it makes sense as well as the in-game text increasingly the likelihood that these cards are bought.

In the first playthrough with this card she was pitted against another one of the Heroes Unite characters (Red Tornado) and it was a relatively easy victory, even accounting for the draw of the cards.  This means that she is a relatively powerful character as the ability to draw an extra card comes in pretty handy on most turns and as the combination of super powers gives her an additional edge.  As for the price, it is hard to say.  It is unfortunate that Cryptozoic does not make more of these cards available, as Legendary cards are mostly all out there for close to their original prices.  This card was free but has become a lot more, and so the difference in opportunity to acquire it might make it less desirable even it it is fun for in-game play.  In all honesty it is probably not worth the price paid to acquire it though, as Cryptozoic has released so many other main character cards and other with female superheroes.  It is a shame because the character is popular enough, except she is buried here because of her inaccessibility.

Score: 7.8, but 6 for availability.

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