Games Publisher 93 Made Games Expands Into Indie Distribution

Indie Games United

Tabletop games publisher 93 Made Games has announced the launch of its new distribution service dedicated to promoting and selling independently designed and published tabletop games. The new division of its business, Indie Games United, provides a reliable pathway for independent designers and publishers to have their games marketed and sold to a much wider audience. The service will also provide retailers with a broad catalog of high-quality and novel games that would not normally be available through traditional distribution services.

Besides publishing and distributing tabletop games, Head of Design and Publishing Sean Carroll and Head of Sales and Marketing Anthony Condos have designed and developed a myriad of games including No Fish!Monster Town and the Viewniverse episodic card games series. Indie Games United will also leverage the pair’s game design talents to benefit other creators via a range of support services provide through the company’s Incubator Program.

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