Games Review Guide

Post Gen Con, we’re adding games to our reviews, adding to the normal comic, movies and other items you might see. As games are pretty unique, here’s what you can expect in each review and an explanation of the criteria.

Each attribute is scored on a 0 to 10 scale with 10 being the best. 5 is an average score. Each of the following are reviewed:

Art – How does the product look? When it comes to the cards, book, rulebook, etc., how does the art come off? Is this professional material, or does it look like they let their cousin take a spin with some of the art. Games are meant to be played, but they’re still a visual medium.

Mechanics – How does the game play? Are the rules clear? Is it fun and easy to pick up and understand? The mechanics of a game covers a lot, but is vital for a game to be enjoyed.

Product – The board, tokens, cards and even the packaging, it all adds up. Is the box filled with miniatures and cards overflowing? Games now have more parts to it than a shuttle, and each is examined and put through the ringer.

Overall – What’s the overall score? Some times the pieces add up to a great product or one is so broken it makes the game a bust. This isn’t an average of the above, but really thought about as far as the whole comes together.

Recommendation: Buy, Play or Skip are the options for this one.

  • Buy is obvious, the price is right and you should pick up the product.
  • Play is a game that can be fun, but the price isn’t quite right or the game isn’t quite there to be a must have. But, if you have a friend that has it….
  • Skip is straight forward, don’t waste your money.

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