Games Workshop announces a recycling trial

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One of the eternal questions seems to be… can I recycle my sprues after building my Games Workshop miniatures? The general belief is no (I’ve never got a clear answer) but Games Workshop is opening up a limited opportunity to do so.

At select UK Warhammer stores, later this month Games Workshop will be partnering with TerraCycle. “Sprue bins” will be added to locations by the end of March where local hobbyists can recycle their old sprues, paint pots, and even unwanted miniatures (but who would do that!?).

Paint posts should be empty of liquid by residue in the pots are completely ok. Metal and resin miniatures can’t be recycled though and this isn’t for general plastic. No non-Games Workshop plastic miniatures or other plastic items should be disposed of this way.

The sprues will be recycled into new materials and products. Due to GW’s plastic being of “high quality and purity”, there’s a lot they can be turned into. Examples given in the announcement include planters, playground equipment, and tennis tables.

You can find the complete list of participating stores at the GW site.

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