Games Workshop, Can’t Decide What’s in the Kill Team Killzone Expansions

This week sees the return of Games Workshop‘s Kill Team with Kill Team: Pariah Nexus updating the game so it fits a bit more into the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. WIth the release of the main game comes a “rerelease” of three Killzones, but are they a release or is it bait and switch?

Below are the three Killzones, Sector Munitorum, Sector Mechanicus, and Sector Fronteris. Each is designed to allow players to change up their games of Kill Team with easy to collect and set up scenery. These are what were originally released at about $75 a box. These were the boxes shown on the Warhammer Community website as of February 27, the day of release. It’s also what was shown in a February 23rd article.

Below is what’s shown on the Games Workshop website for pre-order list for $100. These are also the images available on the Games Workshop retailer site for promotion.

Notice some differences?

While the updated Sector Fronteris looks like it comes with a few more pieces, the other two are missing some major aspects. Sector Mechanicus is missing its large platform, which is replaced with maybe a few more pipes? The Sector Munitorum is missing its big piece as well, the crane like vehicle. Instead, there seems to be more boxes and barrels, again maybe.

Overall, the boxes and what’s displayed on the Games Workshop community website is different than what’s up for pre-order on the Games Workshop webstore. Expect some angry stores and customers who will say it’s bait and switch, what’s been advertised up to this point doesn’t seem like what’s actually being sold. It’s less for more and that never goes over well.

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