Games Workshop Delivers an Update Concerning England’s Lockdown

Games Workshop logo

With England soon on a lockdown for a month, there’s been a lot of rumors and speculation as to what it means for various game companies, an example being Games Workshop.

The game and miniature company has released an update saying the impending lockdown won’t have an impact to its operations elsewhere in the world. Warhammer shops will stay open, where they can be, and the webstore will keep taking order. Factories and warehouses are also operating safely. Also, the news and new releases will keep on coming.

But, there will be an impact in England.

In England, Warhammer shops will be closed starting Thursday due to government regulations. Today and tomorrow are the last days for you to shop in person for a bit.

In other locations, Games Workshop is still following the local rules that governments have outlined. They are still delivering online orders, they’re still open in a way!

And as many are doing, Games Workshop has thrown out ideas to help individuals get through the lockdown, which can be tough. There’s an amazing community out there to connect to and numerous individuals who can chat virtually or be a part of build and paint sessions. For those impacted and missing their community there’s many of us out there willing and able to connect.

Good luck and be safe!

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