Games Workshop Delivers an Update on 2021 Releases

Games Workshop

With the future still up in the air, Games Workshop is changing things up for the foreseeable future as far as releases.

Both COVID-19 and Brexit are both looming issues for the game manufacturer imapcting their retail stores, factories, and shipping. There will be delays for December and January, extending the shipping delays so many are familiar with.

First up, Brexit.

Games Workshop has announced that EY fans won’t have to pay more for products due to the England exiting the EU. While details are still being worked out, Games Workshop has pledged to pay any customs and duties fees that apply to orders.

And then there’s COVID…

With delays and shutdowns impacting the company, they have announced they’re now delaying releases and stretching them out for January and February.

Rather than weekly, releases will come every other week with the first pre-orders of 2021 being January 16th.

There will be a new codex or expansion in January, February, and March with Death Guard for Warhammer 40K as the first to be released. A new battletome, with new minis, will be released in February for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. A teaser will be released on Christmas day.

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