Games Workshop New This Week: Inceptors, Astartes Dice, and Bases

Games Workshop has new items this week to help boost Space Marine players, help modelers, and new bases to make your models stand out.

Strike from above with the new Primaris Inceptors multi-part kit, featuring powerful new plasma weapons and tons of extras to customise your models.

The Primaris Space Marines Upgrades allow you to customise your Space Marines with Chapter symbols, weapons, new heads, accessories and more to show your allegiance to the Ultramarines.

Get the Warhammer 40,000 Astartes Dice themed dice and match them to your Space Marines with four different designs in one set.

GW also has new ways for you to base your figures including Citadel Skulls, Barbed Bracken, Creeping Vines, and Mordheim Turf.

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