Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Blood Bowl, Necromunda, and Lord of the Rings kicks off the year

Games Workshop has revealed what we can expect for next week’s pre-orders. The revealed Made-to-Order Space Marines are available until January 2nd, but there’s more to come!

Blood Bowl gets the Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide! The book has variants for coaches and everything needed to run tournaments, game days, and events. There are also additional rules and extra formats.

Blood Bowl Matched Play Guide

Necromunda sees the Brute Handler and Chem Dealer. The two new resin miniatures are ready to join your gang. The Brute Handler makes sure your bruisers receive the proper training while the Chem dealer ensures a steady supply of performance-enhancing black market chems for your gang.

Brute Handler and Chem Dealer

Recently revealed, the Outland Beastmaster with Ripperjacks is coming too. Add some creatures to your gang. The Beastmaster comes with two ripperjacks. All three come in resin.

Outland Beastmaster with Ripperjacks

For the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game comes the Khandish Horseman Warband. They feature high movement and powerful hand-and-a-half axes. Perfect for the Varaigs of Khand army.

Khandish Horseman Warband

The classic Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Gollum in Emyn Muil return to the range. Add all three to your fellowship.

Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Gollum in Emyn Muil

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