Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Chaos invades! Plus Blood Bowl and Black Library

It’s a week for Warhammer 40K fans after a few light weeks previously with a heavy focus on the Chaos invasion! It’s a big week as Chaos Space Marines get some of the missing units they’ve been waiting for while Codex: Chaos Daemons debuts!

Codex: Chaos Daemons is here! It has everything you need to bring the immaterium to the game table. Each of the four Ruinous Powers has its own collection of datasheets, Relics, Stratagems, Warlord Traits, and psychic powers (except Khorne with that one). Be’lakor’s Army of Renown is also included! Get it in the regular or limited edition version.

Codex: Chaos Daemons

If you want to build your Daemon force quickly, look no further than the new Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons. Focused on Khorne, it includes 34 miniatures that get you 33 power level. It’s led by a fearsome Bloodmaster, supported by three Bloodcrushers mounted on Juggernauts, 10 slavering Flesh Hounds, and 20 Bloodletters.

Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons

Bless your rolls by Chaos with the Chaos Daemons Dice. The package comes with 20 six-sided dice in black and white and the Chaos star instead of a 6.

Chaos Daemons Dice

Classic Chaos Daemons returns! These Made to Order figures will be on sale from Saturday the 27th of August until 8am BST on Monday the 5th of September.

You can get Horrors of Tzeentch, Flamers of Tzeentch, Beast of Nurgle, Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance, and The Masque of Slaanesh.

Chaos Space Marines Accursed Cultists feel the power of Chaos. They’re a mix of mortal and daemon and a Troop choice for Chaos Space Marines. Add them to your horrifying horde!

Chaos Space Marines Accursed Cultists

Joining them are the Chaos Space Marines Possessed! They boast increased speed and durability making for pretty tough troops.

Chaos Space Marines Possessed

Blood Bowl gets some releases for the Snotlings! The Snotling Pitch and Dugouts is double-sided and features special rules. There’s also the much improved Snotling Team Dice Set. Finally, keep track of things with the Snotling Team Card Pack.

From Black Library is a limited edition, hardback, ebook, and MP3 version of Echoes of Eternity. The seventh volume of the Siege of Terra series is by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Things aren’t looking good as the walls have fallen and the defender’s unity is broken. The Warmaster’s hordes advance forcing the loyalists back. Angron has also achieved immortality as he leads a tide as the warp begins to corrupt Terra. Sanguinius awaits hoping to rally the defenders for one last stand.

The limited edition version is limited to 2,500 copies.

Finally, Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Magazine debuts in French on August 25th. You can get it from select newsagents and specialist stockists or subscribe directly with Hachette.

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