Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Cursed City’s Expansions return with a limited Made to Order

It’s a fairly quiet week coming up for Games Workshop‘s pre-orders. For those that missed them, there’s a new opportunity to get Warhammer Quest: Cursed City‘s expansions.

Nightwars and Nemesis are going to be made to order for a limited time. Between the 17th and the 27th of December only. There’s no limit on how many are available. To play Nemesis you’ll require a copy of Nightwars, but not vice versa.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy is getting new items for Ultramarines and Thousand Sons. All of these products will be available on a Made to Order basis from 10am local time on Friday the 16th of December, until 8am GMT on Monday the 26th of December.

Ultramarines MKIII Shoulder Pads, Ultramarines MKIV Torsos, Ultramarines Veteran Helmets, and MKIII Veteran Torsos will be available to give your Space Marines a little bit of flair.

Thousand Sons MKIII Shoulder Pads will make it clear who your Space Marines are loyal to making them stand out on the battlefield.

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