Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: It’s a Classic Chaos Made-to-Order Weekend

The Slaves to Darkness army set for Age of Sigmar came to shelves this weekend. Games Workshop keeps the focus on the forces of Chaos next weekend with a bunch of classic made-to-order models.

Archaon may have grown in size and spikes but here’s your chance to get this classic miniature in metal. It’s an iconic figure that’d be a great addition to any army.


The Khorne Chaos Lord will help you claim skulls for your skull throne.

Khorne Chaos Lord

The Nurgle Chaos Lord will help you spread disease with your Maggotkin force.

Nurgle Chaos Lord

If excess and pleasure are your things, you can get the Slaanesh Chaos Lord.

 Slaanesh Chaos Lord

And if you like weaving spells, the Tzeentch Chaos Lord with Familiar is a great combo of figures.

Tzeentch Chaos Lord with Familiar

Finally, there’s the classic Mounted Chaos Sorcerer, also in metal. There are no rules on Age of Sigmar, but it’d be a solid piece to collect and paint. Or, how about using it as a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount?

Mounted Chaos Sorcerer

Black Libary has a few releases for German readers.

Brothers of the Snake by Dan Abnett and Last Chancers: Armageddon Saint by Gav Thorpe will each get a German ebook release.

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