Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: New Seraphon invade Age of Sigmar while Adeptus Titanicus shows life

It’s a pretty light week for Games Workshop‘s pre-orders this coming week after a packed month. It’s just one release for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, two for Adeptus Titanicus, and one Black Library release. See what you can get below!

The big release for the week is the Seraphon Army Set. It features 27 brand-new miniatures as well as a special edition of Battletome Seraphon, and reference cards. Included is a highly customizable Slaan Starmaster atop a finely detailed palanquin, 10 Saurus Warriors equipped with either spears or spiked clubs, and 10 Raptadon cavalry, which can be built as Chargers or Hunters. As well as the new battletome, you’ll also find 35 warscroll cards, 53 enhancement cards, and a set of 60 tokens, so all of your rules are close at hand.

It’s been a bit since an Adeptus Titanicus release and next week sees the Adeptus Titanicus: Campaign Compendium. It collects everything you need to play campaigns in a 224-page compilation of every narrative supplement release so far. It includes Titandeath, Doom of Molech, Shadow and Iron, The Defence of Ryza, and Crucible of Retribution. It also features lore for the five Titan Legions’ greatest battles during the Horus Heresy, 27 narrative missions, and a full campaign system. There are also rules for fielding Households of Imperial Knights, up to and including entire armies of them, and options to create your own custom Titan Legion with rules of their own.

Adeptus Titanicus: Campaign Compendium

Conversion Beam Weapons are destructive weapons on a titanic scale. These resin upgrades will be available from Forge World and will help turn your titans into even more destructive machines of destruction.

From Black Library, William King‘s Space Wolf will be out as an audiobook. It tells the story of Ragnar Blackmane’s induction into the Space Wolves and his early days winning fame and glory on the battlefield, all while the insidious Canis Helix gnaws at the threads holding his self-control together.

Space Wolf

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