Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Strike Force Agastus… strikes plus new Boarding Patrols!

It’s a Warhammer 40K focused pre-order next week for Games Workshop‘s pre-orders with three big releases to expand or start your armies!

Strike Force Agastus drops with new units to expand the Space Marine forces. The boxed set features 17 miniatures to bring punishing firepower. The set features 12 totally new miniatures. Along with 5 Heavy Intercessors, there’s a new Primaris Lieutenant, the close-combat focused Brutalis Dreadnought, and 10 Desolation Marines.

Also featured is a 16-page rules booklet with new datasheets as well as two sets of Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheets with 279 decals each.

The Brutalis Dreadnought is a melee version of the Redemptor that can rip apart the enemy with its talons or features a pair of fists with twin bolt rifles. The Desolation Squad features either superfrag missiles to take out infantry or superkrak missiles to destroy tanks. The Lieutenant is a versatile kit with lots of parts to mix your wargear. It features a plasma pistol, heavy bolt pistol, or bolt rifle plus there’s a power fist or power sword, or just point in a dynamic pose.

  • Strike Force Agastus
  • Strike Force Agastus

The Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines set is a great place to start your Chaos Space Marines force or expand your current one. It features 10 Legionaries which includes a Kill Team upgrade sprue, 20 Chaos Cultists, and Abbadon himself! The sets would be $220 if bought on their own.

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids will get you stalking space hulks with six Tyranid Warriors, eight Genestealers, and a Broodlord. Featuring $197 of kits if bought separately.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids

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