Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: The Leagues of Votann fully arrive!

It’s been a bit since the army box was released but the Leagues of Votann players won’t have much longer to wait before they can really build out their force. Games Workshop has revealed next week’s pre-orders and the new army dominates.

First up is the Codex: Leagues of Votann. It features 104 pages of lore, rules, everything you need to build your army. You can get the regular or Collector’s Edition which features silver foil.

Codex: Leagues of Votann

A quick way to build your force, you can get the Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann. You get one Kâhl – buildable as special character Ûthar the Destined as well as 10 Hearthkyn Warriors, three Hernkyn Pioneers, and five Cthonian Beserks.

Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann

Ûthar the Destined is one of the named characters in the codex and you can get this miniature to lead your force or build a standard Kâhl.

Ûthar the Destined

Grimnyr are the psykers of the force.


Einhyr Champions are great if you want a bit more of a blunt hammer. The exo-armor delivers a boost to smash the enemies.

Einhyr Champion

And if that’s your playstyle, get the Einhyr Hearthguard who are the League’s finest troops. Also featuring exo-armor they feature powerful weapons.

Einhyr Hearthguard

Brôkhyr Iron-masters tend Kinhost forges. They handle the repair and recovery efforts.

Brôkhyr Iron-master

Brôkhyr Thunderkyn brings heavy firepower to the battlefield with their bolt cannons and graviton blast cannons as well as conversion beamers.

Brôkhyr Thunderkyn

Hearthkyn Warriors are the rank and file warriors bringing bolt and ion weaponry to battle. They’re an essential part of battle in their groups of 20 warriors.

Hearthkyn Warriors

The Hernkyn Pioneers provide maneuverability delivering speed and the option for powerful weapons to deliver hit and run attacks.

Hernkyn Pioneers

Cthonian Beserks are close combat fighters who charge into combat with their mining tools turned weapons.

Cthonian Beserks

The Sagitaur helps transport warriors around. It’ll take two to carry a 10 man Hearthkyn squad to battle where they’re needed.


The Hekaton Land Fortress is a massive vehicle that delivers damage and soaks it up as well.

Hekaton Land Fortress

May your rolls be blessed with the Leagues of Votann Dice Set. You get 16 dice.

Leagues of Votann Dice Set

Keep track of your force and rules with the Datacards: Leagues of Votann. The 40 cards have Stratagem and psychic powers at your disposal.

Datacards: Leagues of Votann

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy gets new additions to its growing line.

The Deimos Pattern Predator Support Tank is a versatile vehicle and brings the plasma destroyer, magna-melta cannon, flamestorm cannon, heavy conversion beam cannon, and neutron blaster to the battlefield.

Deimos Pattern Predator Support Tank

Available from Forge World for the game are…

Corswain, Paladin of the Ninth Order is a legendary Dark Angels hero.

Corswain, Paladin of the Ninth Order

Death Guard Legion Praetors command their forces with brutal efficiency. They feature a power scythe and power weapon.

Death Guard Legion Praetors

Death Guard MkVI Upgrades make it easier to equip your MkVI Space Marines with the iconography of the Death Guard.

If Blood Angels are more your thing, the Blood Angels MkVI Upgrades will make that force proud and stand out.

Black Library features a few new releases as well.

Eisenhorn: The Omnibus spans nearly 1000 pages and contains Xenos, Malleus, Hereticus, and The Magos, as well as Regia Occulta, Missing in Action, Backcloth for a Crown Additional, and The Keeler Image, all written by Dan Abnett.

Eisenhorn: The Omnibus

The Successors: A Space Marine Anthology follows 12 lesser-known Chapters of Space Marines and will now get a paperback edition.

The Successors: A Space Marine Anthology

The Greater Good comes to audiobook as the Imperium takes on the T’au and Tyranids.

The Greater Good

The Horus Heresy Collection VIII, Dark Imperium, Dark Imperium: Plague War, and Dark Imperium: The Omnibus all get French editions.

There’s also the Black Library Horror Week Subscription. Chilling tales of Warhammer Horror are perfect for Halloween and the bundle has six digital short stories starting October 24th.

Black Library Horror Week Subscription

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