Games Workshop reveals four new Space Marine Battleforces

Games Workshop has revealed four new ways to quickly build your Space Marine forces with new battleforces. Iron Hands, Salamanders, White Scars, and Ultramarines each are getting sets tailored to their style of play and background.

Each set features upgrade sprues and transfer sheets to help you build your chapter.

The Iron Hands: March of Iron Strike Force features two Redemptor Dreadnoughts, a Primaris Techmarine, Iron Father Feirros, and 10 Intercessors.

Retail value: $307

The Salamanders: Warforged Strike Force takes you into the fire with three Eradicators, three Aggressors, 20 Intercessors, and Adrax Agatone.

Retail value: $299

Rush into battle with the White Scars: Storm of Chogoris. It features six Primaris Outriders, two Invader ATVs, a Primaris Chaplain on Bike, and Kor’sarro Khan.

Retail value: $329

The Space Marines: Scions of Macragge brings the Ultramarines to the table with 10 Intercessors, 10 Hellblasters, three Bladeguard Veterans, Marneus Calgar, Chief Librarian Tigurius, and two members of the Victrix Guard.

Retail value: $293.50

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