Games Workshop Reveals Imperial Knights, Harlequin, and Deathwatch Codexes

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Fans of Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40,000 always want to know what’s next and the company has revealed the next three codexes to be released (after Necrons and Dark Eldar).

Codex: Imperial Knights features rules for new Knights unites as well as Knightly Households, Freeblades, and Strategems. It also explains the recently released Armiger Warglaives in the Forgebane box.

Codex: Harlequins brings that army to the table where they join the Drukhari and Asuryani.

Finally, you’ll be able to take on the xenos with Codex: Deathwatch. The alien hunters will include new content like Primaris Space Marines and specific stratagems.

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