Games Workshop Reveals its Exclusive Event Miniatures

Games Workshop has revealed this year’s exclusive event miniatures you’ll be able to pick up at Warhammer events around the world.

For Warhammer 40,000, meet the Primaris Company Champion! Armed with a master-crafted power sword, the character will be perfect to chop through the enemy. The Primaris Company Champion even has an entirely new datasheet for Legends games that includes three deadly Blade Stances! And if you want to use him in regular games, how about a squad leader or your Emperor’s Champion?

Mugruk Da Watcha comes from the world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. That seeing eye rock is sure to help get a better idea of what the Kruleboyz are up against.

You can get these two miniatures at events such as AdeptiCon and more!

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