Games Workshop Reveals More Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition

During their latest preview, Games Workshop revealed more of what we can expect in the next edition of Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition.

Blood Bowl is a fantasy miniature game for the tabletop where you manage a football team, everything from hiring to dealing with injuries. It’s truly fantasy football!

The new edition is a big update in the rules promising a smoother gameplay. Already we know there will be an addition of a “pass” statistic.

But, what’s inside the box?

The game really comes with everything that’s needed to play for once. There’s 2 complete teams, including Big Guys, 2 star players, 2 referee, rules, dice, markers neded to play, a double-sided pitch and dugouts, and footballs!

The first team is the Bögenhafen Barons who are led by Griff Oberwald, and they bring along an Ogre.

The Thunder Valley Greenskins have hired Varag Ghoul-Chewer and convinced a Trained Troll to join them.

Two refrees are included in the game, both are also new models and are an Elf and Dwarf to help prevent cheating in the field.

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition

The double-sided pitch is fantastic evoking the classic “astrogranite” field from the 2nd edition of the game.

The rulebook is full-color hardback and features profiles for every team and Star Player currently in the game. Games Workshop says that nearly every aspect of the game has been “tweaked and tightened” to make it easier to play.

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition

But, there’ll be more than just the box set coming! The already revealed Necromantic Horror team will be the first team to be released and that includes a new issue of Spike! Journal with rules for the team inside the magazine.

Spike! Journal #11

Not enough Blood Bowl for you? THere’ll be two books released from Black Library. collected some of the best Blood Bowl stories ever told in Death on the Pitch and the Blood Bowl Omnibus.

Death on the Pitch and the Blood Bowl Omnibus

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