Games Workshop reveals Space Marine: The Board Game

Spinning out of the Space Marine video game, Lieutenant Titus is getting a board game to bring to the tabletop, Space Marine: The Board Game. The game pits the Space Marine against an endless swarm of Termagants and Ripper Swarms.

The game features 23 push-fit miniatures, Titus, 20 Termagants, and two Ripper Swarms, a double-sided game board, a 40-page rulebook including backstory, two training missions, and two unique missions, as well as all the accessories you need to play the game.

The game is coming exclusively to Target stores to being with but a similar set will be released in other territories at a later date and Lieutenant Titus will get a separate release in the future.

  • Space Marine: The Board Game
  • Space Marine: The Board Game

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