Games Workshop Reveals the T’au Remora for Aeronautica Imperialis

The T’au are getting some new additions to their fleet for Aeronautica Imperialis, the Remora Drones! These AI-controlled aircraft are coming soon from Forge World.

The Remora are light fighters as opposed to defensive drones. They’re mainly used to fly in environents too hostile for traditional aircraft but have evolved to be so much more. They are now used as a support role adding extra firepower.

With good speed and agility, they can get their weapons into good firing position, made to take on clunkier bombers. They also have the ability to hover in place to create bottlenecks.

Armed with burst cannons and a pair of seeker missiles they can take out far more expensive aircraft their pitted against.

They also benefit from the “Stealth” rule due to their size giving them some protection against enemy ground assets.

They also are able to ignore g-force making it easier to execute tight turns making them very nimble. The “Jink” rule allows them to slip into advantageous firing positions or dodge out of a deadly fire arc.

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