Games Workshop Teases the Future of Warhammer Underworlds and Reveals the Starblood Stalkers

Games Workshop‘s deck-building miniature board game Warhammer Underworlds is getting its third “season” in January 2021 and with it a new starter box, Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm. GW has already revealed one new warband for the new season which will feature new cards, new mechanics, and new models.

A road map has been revealed which includes six new warbands that’ll be joining the game in the first half of 2021. We’ll find out more of what’s to come on the first Friday of the month which will look ahead at the new releases, their models, cards, and new mechanics.

Warhammer Underworlds 2021 Roadmap

And we’ve gotten some hints of what to expect.

During the latest previews, GW revealed Khagra’s Ravagers. The new warband is lead by two sisters. We also have a look at a card coming with the set, Power Reclaimed. That will be out in January.

In February, we’re upping the scales with the Starblood Stalkers and its first fighter, Kixi Taka. The figure is an intriguing one with a mysterious sphere that’s teased as having “major ramifications for Direchasm”.

Kixi Taka Starblood Stalkers

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