Games Workshop teases the next Kill Team release

Kill Team has taken on a regular rotation taking players to new locations and adding new rules and teams to do battle with. The next seems to be taking its inspiration from past games and will set the game on a space hulk.

Specifics have not been released but Games Workshop has indicated that it will take place on a drifting space hulk. Longtime GW fans will immediately think of the classic Space Hulk board game which saw numerous editions released and pitted Space Marine Terminators against Genestealers. Kill Team itself received the Kill Team: Pariah Nexus expansion at the end of the previous edition that included rules for “ultra-close confines”.

Teased is a CAT, Cyber-altered Task Units. The inclusion would hint we’ll see some Imperial forces in the game, though rumors have swirled about Votann aka Squats. The symbol on the side gives hints as to what we might see but you never know.

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