Games Workshop’s Necromunda Returns!

One of my favorite miniature games by Games Workshop is Necromunda. Originally released in 1995, the game takes place in a Hive city. Players recruit a gang and battle it out while gaining experience for the gang members. Fun, quick, and strategic, the game was part of the specialist range and eventually was stopped supported.

Recently, the game publisher launched Shadow War: Armageddon which has a similar concept and some mechanics from Necromunda but instead was more focused on small squad based battles. Instead of gangs it was Genestealer Cults and Space Marines.

In the latest White Dwarf a letter addressed the need for a return of Necromunda and GW responded that they should keep their eyes open next month. Well, it wasn’t even a month as the Games Workshop has announced a return to the Underhive.

Necromunda: Underhive will allow players to “battle it out in the depths of Hive Primus.” The game will be launched with two classic gangs, House Escher and House Goliath.

Stay tuned as we find out more about this new edition of this classic game. We’ll also be going back into our archive to show off the original release.

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