Gen Con 2012 – Cryptozoic Entertainment Announces New Abstract Strategy Game

Cryptozoic Announces New Abstract Strategy Game, MOD XAt Gen Con 2012, Cryptozoic Entertainment announced MOD X, an exciting new abstract strategy game that will test any player’s tactical thinking skills. Cryptozoic’s latest original property will treat players to a fun and tricky game of strategy and survival in which they must outsmart other players to win. This challenging game will offer hours of endless fun and is perfect for ages 15 and up.

MOD X features a unique game board on which players create patterns to gain points and outmaneuver others. In this game, each player uses fifteen colored game pieces to create X-shape, plus sign, or five-in-a-row patterns on the board, and eighteen score markers to mark points from the patterns they make. The first player to earn the established number of points, depending on the number of players, will win the game!

MOD X players have the challenging task of stopping each other from creating patterns while trying to build their own to rack up points. Score markers indicate where patterns have been made, but they can be lost to competitors who build new patterns over them. The game ends when one player reaches the established number of points, or when a player runs out of pieces.

MOD X will be available in hobby stores in December 2012 and is perfect for two to four players.

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