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Gen Con’s Family Fun Pavilion Grows All-Ages Gaming

SEATTLE (September 8, 2011) Game playing parents are now bringing their children along for the ride when they make their annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis for Gen Con. In the last four years, the family fun pavilion has grown extensively. Beginning with six companies with a few hundred people present specifically for Family Fun Day the dedicated area had sixteen out of the three hundred ten exhibitors and over three thousand of the 36,733 gaming fans focusing on family fun in 2011. Gen Con, now preparing for its 45th annual convention in 2012, will yet again increase space dedicated to family games manufacturers next year.

“I am truly amazed at the growth of our family fun pavilion over the past four years!” says Megan Culver, director of marketing at Gen Con LLC. “We have seen tremendous support and passion from our exhibitors, volunteers and attendees and we can’t wait to see how this area continues to expand over the years. We at Gen Con believe that playing games is a lifelong route to fun.”

Several new-to-Gen Con companies made significant contributions to the show with child-focused gaming and product demonstrations. This year, the pavilion also featured Radio Disney on Sunday’s Family Fun Day, as well as live action and giant-sized games from Out of the Box Publishing and Spin Master. LEGO and Spin Master were each Event Partner sponsors for Gen Con and helped to fill out a significant portion of this important area of the show. Mayfair Games once again sponsored the training grounds area of the family fun pavilion, which stayed packed with participants of crafting, dancing, foam sword combat and plenty of game play.

The family fun pavilion launched with a small handful of exhibitors dedicated specifically to games for tween to early teen children and their
families. In 2011, this specialty area grew to sixteen exhibitors with a focus on products that provide educational, multigenerational fun. The full list of participant companies can be found on the Gen Con Website

Many of these companies are already committed to returning to Gen Con Indy 2012 with even larger presences. The strong number of Sunday badges and Family Fun Day traffic points to the continued strength of tabletop gaming as a chosen form of family entertainment.

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