Get Ready for Kick-Off with this Weekend’s Blood Bowl: Season Two Pre-Order

This week’s pre-orders from Games Workshop and Forgeworld are full of Blood Bowl goodness. The second season box set has arrived with lots of new releases to help you get into the game too! All the prices below are in US dollars.

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition has everything you nede to dive into the game of fantasy football. It includes the full hardback rulebook, two new teams and so much more. On top of the teams, there’s a pair of referees, a double-sided pitch, two dugouts, two sets of dice, and all of the templates, tokens, and counters you need to play.

Pre-Order – $140

Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition

The Imperial Nobles is a brand new team to the game. The Bögenhafen Barons, is made up of Linemen, Bodyguards, Blitzers, and Throwers. They can also call on the talents of Star Player Griff Oberwald and the brute force of an Ogre, both are included in the box set!

Bögenhafen Barons

They’ll face another new team to the pitch, the Black Orc team, the Thunder Valley Greenskins. They feature a line-up of Black Orcs and Goblin Bruisers, they also have legendary Star Player Varag Ghoul-Chewer and a Trained Troll. Both are included in the boxed set too!

Thunder Valley Greenskins

But, if you don’t want the new box set and instead are just focused on the new rules, Games Workshop has you covered. Blood Bowl: The Official Rules will also be available as a separate hardback book and ePub. It has the updated rules, lots of lore, rules for league and exhibition games, a roster for all 21 current Blood Bowl teams, and details for 23 Star Players.

Pre-Order – $50 for Book, ePub

 Blood Bowl: The Official Rules

Along with the box set and rulebook, you’ll also be able to get Special Play cards. These are useable by all of the Blood Bowl teams and have help even the odds against better teams. There’s Dirty Tricks, Magical Memorabilia, and even Prayers to Nuffle!

Pre-order – $27

Special Play cards

And with a new edition comes new teams! The Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers features Zombies, Ghouls, Wraiths, Werewolves, and Flesh Golems mixing up speed and strength… with a little Regeneration too!

Pre-Order – $40

Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers

You’ll be able to show off your Necromantic Horrors appreciation with a dedicated set of dice, pitch, and a team card pack. The pitch comes with two dugouts and optional special rules. The cards help track the team’s stats and includes 16 Special Play cards.

Pre-Order Cards – $27
Pre-Order Pitch – $47
Pre-Order Dice – $15

You’ll also learn all about the team with a new issue of Spike! Issue #11 of the Blood Bowl Journal focuses on the Necromantic Horrors and everything you need to know to get the team on the field.

Pre-Order – $15

Spike! Issue #11

And how about a new treeman to field for your teams? Akhorne the Squirrel is also making his long-awaited Blood Bowl debut… there’s also a Treeman underneath! The kit allows you to build two different Treemen to hire for your team.

Pre-Order – $32

Blood Bowl Treeman

What about old teams already released? No need to worry, they’ll be repackaged for the new edition featuring rules for the second season. A number of them will also be released for pre-order this coming week as well.

White Dwarf #458 is coming with some gifts! The issue features new cards for Adeptus Titanicus, Necromunda, Aeronautica Imperialis, Warcry, and Blood Bowl. Inside there’s also a continuation of the Warhammer 40,000 Flashpoint series, looking at the Argovon Campaign, a Battle Report for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and a Wizards’ Duel minigame for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Pre-Order – $9

White Dwarf #458

Forge World gets into the Blood Bowl fun with… a Zoat!? Zolcath the Zoat is a star Blitzer ready to be hired and add strength and toughness to any team he plays for. He’ll be released on Saturday, unlike the usual Fridays for Forge World releases.

Pre-Order $58

Zolcath the Zoat

On Friday, Forge World will release two new patterns of Questoris Knight for Adeptus Titanicus. The Magaera is armed with the destructive lightning cannon, which can obliterate smaller targets and cause damage to larger ones thanks to the Blast and Rending traits. Its sister Knight, the Styrix, is armed with a volkite chieorovile – the perfect weapon for stripping void shields from enemy Titans. Both are armed with a Hekaton siege claw, meaning they can finish off anything that survives their deadly barrages at close range.

These Knights are also equipped with ionic flare shields, giving them great protection as they quickly move into position. Any Princeps will definitely want to add a Banner of these Knights to their force.

Pre-Order Magera – $50
Pre-Order Styrix – $50

And Black Library is also getting to the game with some Blood Bowl collections, Death on the Pitch: Extra Time and The Blood Bowl Omnibus!

Pre-Order Death on the Pitch: Extra Time – $16
Pre-Order The Blood Bowl Omnibus – $21

The first volume of Dan Abnett‘s classic Inquisition series, Ravenor is being re-released in a limited edition signed by the author.

Pre-Order – $60


The Solar War is the first part of the Siege of Terra series and sees the Traitors take on the might defenses of the Sol System.

Pre-Order – $9.99

The Solar War

You can keep track of Horus’ approach with a new map of the Sol System as it was when the Traitors arrived.

Pre-Order – $65

Sol System

Warhammer gets some love too with the fifth Gotrek & Felix omnibus. It sees the duo taking on the forces of Chaos, the Serpent Queen Khalida, and a host of other dangerous foes across two novels, four novellas, and a series of short stories.

Pre-Order – $21

fifth Gotrek & Felix omnibus

For two weeks, ten classic editions of Inferno! will be available for Print on Demand. They’re full of short stories, artwork, and articles diving into the world of Warhammer.

Pre-Order – $80


Finally, The Guns of Tanith will soon be getting an audiobook!

The Guns of Tanith

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