Get the Voices of Warhammer with this Humble Audiobook Bundle

Humble Bundle Black Library audiobook

Humble Bundle has teamed up with Black Library for a new bundle! Get audiobooks like First and Only, Realmslayer, Soul Wars, For the Emperor, The House of Night and Chain, and Valdor: Birth of the Imperium. Plus, your purchase will support the EveryLibrary Institute!

Here’s what you get with each level:

Pay $1 or more:

  • Black Library Audio Sampler
  • The Wicked and the Damned
  • Drachenfels
  • Castle of Blood
  • The House of Night and Chain
  • Perdition’s Flame

Pay $10 or more:

  • Soul Wars
  • Sacrosanct & Other Stories
  • Trollslayer
  • Blacktalon: First Mark
  • Realmslayer
  • Callis and Toll: The Silver Shard
  • Nagash: The Undying King

Pay $18 or more:

  • Valdor: Birth of the Imperium
  • The Solar War
  • First and Only
  • For the Emperor
  • Xenos
  • Honourbound
  • The Emperor’s Legion
  • Primogenitor
  • Blood of Sanguinius

The audiobooks in this bundle are available in MP3 format allowing you to listen to them anywhere. You not only get to choose how much you pay but also choose where the money goes – between the publisher, Humble Bundle, and EveryLibrary Institute.

There’s about 4 days to go to get the bundle.

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